Facebook Ruined My Life, Now They Must Pay

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Should a ginormous corporation be allowed to humiliate a child and profit from her pain? Could $167,000,000 in compensation even begin to make up for her suffering? We can only hope so.

I give you, Exhibit A

Oh, the humanity Oh, the humanity

What’s the first thing you notice about this picture? (Besides the vast number of people piled onto 2 chairs.) Your eyes are drawn to the child on the right.

She sits alone. Two skinned knees are proof of a life spent tripping and bumping into coffee tables, and it’s not hard to see why.  Her cats-eyes glasses hint at the weak eyes beneath, while her chubby body attests to a complete lack of athletic skills. Her hand-me-down dress is so short the viewer can practically see both London AND France. From the top of her head (uneven hack-job on too-short bangs) to the soles of her feet (in black knee-socks…

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Dear Sarah Vine – Tattoos are Body Art

In response to Sarah Vine’s article:


Dear Sarah Vine,

I read your article ‘Body Art? No, tattoos are hideous form of self harm’ interesting title, but I’ll come back to that.

What I find mystifying, is why people like yourself are so adverse to tattoos? Do they burn your eyes? Did you come in on the Ark? What will happen to all these tattooed freaks in 40 years?! Not a lot, they’ll just be old or dead with tattoos.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and indeed to choose what they adorn their body with. I find luminous boob tubes on larger ladies unsightly. Is that self harm? It could be harmful if said boob tube snaps under the strain, twanging the wearer in the face. Or if it cuts off circulation…I mean anything could happen! But wearers of luminous boob tubes presumably like this look (and maybe the element of risk associated with wearing such a precarious garment) Much like those who have tattoos.

To describe a tattoo as a form of self harm, seems utterly ridiculous. Yes, you can select a celebrity whose life was cut short, and by association claim that tattoos indicate a troubled soul. But equally you can pick any number of celebrities who are secure and well balanced individuals who have tattoos. Tattoos are not a form of self harm. Unless wearing make-up is? Or dressing in a particular way? Or dying your hair? Or having a boob job?..I could go on. All forms of re-designing ones appearance.

The point is, that tattoos are part of a persons identity. Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not.
Perhaps for some it is as you suggest a rebellious statement against their toffee nosed parents. What’s wrong with that? If everyone lived within the confines of what their father would have them do, what a dull existence it would be. I wonder have you ever rebelled? I suspect not, you should try it, it’s liberating!
So why would anyone else bother with the unsightly beast that is a tattoo? Maybe they just like them?
Perhaps like the clothes they wear, their shoes, their hairstyle, it is part of who they are.

Tattoos are Body Art! There I said it! Let’s look at the definition of art: ‘ the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power’. Now, we all have our opinions on art, some find pleasure in Jackson Pollock, others in mass produced photos of the New York Skyline. The point is tattoos, regardless of how they appear to an onlooker, are personal to the individual and the life they lead, their associations, their experiences, their story. Evoking emotion for that person.
Admittedly some are better than others, but regardless of my opinion, they were still created between the imagination of the person wishing to be tattooed and an artist. A tattoo artist no less. Having known a tattoo artist for many years, it is a skilled job, that only the artistically gifted can or should undertake. I appreciate that some are not so well equipped, however the same could be said for any profession.

As for whether the tattooed masses know where the quotes ,they have etched into their skin, came from. Does it matter? If the words mean something to them? However you assume that they don’t. You’d perhaps be astonished to learn that tattooed footballers can read and some of them even own books! I don’t have any solid evidence to back this up, but then you didn’t when you mocked the tattooed.

It is a closed mind that cannot appreciate the differences in humanity and the beauty that resides in the freedom to create ourselves as we see fit. (That would make a good tattoo, you can quote me on that)

In short, I like tattoos and what they represent, freedom of expression. Also I am told that they do not hinder a footballers ability to score goals. However the amount of goals they score does not necessarily justify their wage packet, but that’s another debate.


Sarah Turnbull

If I tell you…i might just do it…

Blimey it’s been nearly a year since I last wrote a post! Call yourself a writer?! No, not really  but I have written the odd poem and  one and half a plays in the last year, the other half written by the one and only kszejner.wordpress.com (check her out) actually she posted something which made me think, I hadn’t written a post so, here I am.

Looking at the last post I wrote, wow! I was feeling pretty shitty this time last year…I was gunna delete it as it sounds bloody miserable, but then I thought it served as a good reminder of how far I’ve come in a year…I feel much more chipper now!

2013 had its ups and downs, but I won’t bore you with the details, mind you some of it would put Coronation Street to shame, oooooh you wouldn’t believe it if I told you!!….There was much fun had too, and some of the good things wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the crappy things that had happened before. Sometimes that’s the way it works I guess.

Anyway this post is not really about what I did this year, who really cares about that? Apart from me? Honestly, not many…I would imagine.

So what are you on about woman? None of the above relates to what I am about to tell you…don’t get too excited..I’m not pregnant..i’ve been saying i’ll do it for a long time…I have decided…wait for it…I’m going to write a book!! Yep you heard it here first! Stop the press! Oh wait nobody cares… “Just get on with it..and we’ll decide if it’s any good when you’re done”…

Yeah I expected that reaction..i have started it in case you’re interested, I have no idea what it’s going to be about, I’m just gunna see what comes out…”This is gunna be a bag of shite!” I hear you cry…you may well be right. My better judgement is saying you are right, but then again I might prove us wrong…that’s the plan anyway. Enough making excuses for my yet to be written book, I’m having a go and you can’t stop me!…”I wasn’t gunna stop you”…oh ok, er well, here goes…

If you’re lucky I might share some of it with you on here…anyhoo enough, I have a book to write!

I know him well…

A dull ache,
A pang of regret
All that’s left

The morning comes, you feel bereft

A forced smile
A makeup mask
Still the aching hasn’t passed

You know its gone
You feel relief

But still the questions
Harassing, even in your dreams.

The lies
The deceit
On repeat

You stare at your new friend…the ceiling.

Every inch familiar, blue tac,
stain, cobweb

you didn’t notice the cracks before, but now they’re there as large as life…

I used to be your wife
You used to be mine
(So I thought)
How did it amount to nought?

One in one out
One at a time
Or two
Or three

I’m glad this time it’s not me.

And to the sorry soul who has you now…
Time will tell,
If I’m right
Be on your guard
He is a shite.

Start in your backyard

I wonder as I gaze at my 6 month old son what the world will be like in 18 years, who will he befriend, will he get in with the wrong crowd? No not my son…but realistically he could and then what? How do I protect him when he is a rebellious teenager and I am the least cool thing on the planet. (will cool mean cool, or sick mean sick?!) Then I have a little word with myself and calm down.

But these ,amongst many others, are very real fears for all parents. Yes the world is full of a myriad of opportunities, beautiful sights to behold, places to visit, however in order to reach them we must dodge the danger that lurks around in various guises.

Of course there has always been danger for as long as the human race has existed. Lions, tigers and stairs! Oh my! Seriously though, to me it seems with every passing generation we face a world that is in perpetual conflict, be it a war, a street gang, or cyber bullying. It’s getting ugly out there.

There is no easy solution, or indeed a solution at all. There will amways be conflict and there will always be people at every possible position on the great big spectrum that is human nature. Good people , bad people, people who are somewhere in the middle, that’s a given. And whilst we continue to multiply like cooking popcorn spewing into a bowl, we will get on top of each other and drive each other mad. (admittedly over population is not the only reason for all our strife, but I liked the popcorn analogy)

What can we do? Not a lot, just sit and watch, it’s not our fault it’s the previous generations they started it. Its not my kids and if it is what can i do, i can’t change the world!….right…wrong!

Just a little thing changes the world. We need to start looking after each other, even if we’re not family. I know I sound like a politician. But I reckon there’s something missing at the moment. My grandma knew every person on her street by name, and they knew her and they all knew each others children. There would be no bones made about a neighbour reprimanding a child for being cheeky. I have lived in my house for 5 years, I say hello to my neighbours but i don’t know any of their names or their kids. Is that just me?

Of course it depends where you live, there are still places where there is still a sense of community, I understand that. My mum lives in a ‘nice area’ where everybody knows everyone’s business, i live in not such a nice area.There are many places where community has diminished, some as a result of cultural differences and others..well who knows why? Is it our hectic schedules?

To me several cultures should be able to coexist in the same community and still look out for each other taking some interest in each others existence.There’s a lot to be said for being nosey!

My point is that if we want our children to be safe we need to know the community they are exploring. And if we take a part in shaping that community then surely we can help make it a safer playground for children from all walks of life, not just the ones who live in a ‘nice’ area.

This is one of the major aims of our theatre school (Sparks) to not only enamour our students will skills that they will carry forward into adulthood, but through shows and fundraising events to bring the community together regardless of class or culture. Small steps can carry you a long way.

So tomorrow I’m going to knock on my neighbours door and introduce myself properly. And hope they don’t close the door on me!

Look at the Deer Dear

What a little gem Tatton Park is! I say little, we probably only saw a quarter of it on our visit the other day..and we whiled away a good 4 hours…

There is lots to visit, the farm, the mansion house, and the garden not to mention the extensive grounds with loads of deer, what an unexpected treat, in a world of concrete and cars..under a huddle of trees hundreds of deer going about their business, doing deery thinks like lying down in the shade .and..well they were just lying down, but it was a beautiful sight.

We had a two for one voucher for the gardens, so my sister and I whiled away several hours toddling around the acres and acres of garden…posing for photos under the giant rhubarb plants, getting lost in the maze (with a baby who had filled his nappy) and singing rose garden in a mysterious echo chamber that was there as part of the Arts exhibition.

We stopped for refreshment at the restaurant/cafe and whilst the food was good and fairly reasonably priced, I can only assume that the apples in my apple juice were diamond encrusted as it cost the best part of £3! (I haven’t passed any diamonds to date, as far as I can tell)

There were so many little buildings, I could have taken up residence quite happily in any of them…maybe one day I’ll meet an Earl or maybe a long lost relative will get in touch to tell me I now own a mansion and a country estate like Tatton?! Are there any Geordie aristocracy?..Harry’s still available! I feel a letter coming on….

“Boris is gazing in at number 10” A frightfully posh lady we followed.